Message from Principal's Desk

Peace Public School has established its identity on the globe as a premiere school imparting quality education to the students with a focus on academic, social, emotional, cultural and physical development. It has always been the endeavor of the school to ignite the curiosity and desire for learning amongst the students. Every child has one’s own individuality, skills and talents. We at Peace Public School discover the latent talents of the student and then nurture them to make the student a “complete personality”.
With “flower in goodness" as our motto we are committed that every child flowers into a successful human being with good qualities and moral values that enables him/her to becomes an asset to country and this universe at large.
Parents, students and school are a team that compliments each other. Since the child represents the parent’s hopes, the parent’s always look out for the best for their child. We are proud to be associated with you and we will ensure that your wards are equipped with knowledge and capabilities of highest order to face the challenges ahead of them.