Kinder Garden

The kinder garden at Peace Public School is a secure jubilant environment where the learning is based on play way methodology through various teaching and learning aids. It is an enjoyable experience for the tiny tots with a blend of education. Every class has a creative corner where the little ones develop their motor skills through different activities planned for them. Peace Public School kinder garden follows a child centered approach. kinder garden wing is equipped with a splash pool, activity corner, and color full swings. Frequent health checkups for the kinder garden students are carried out to keep the students in best of their health. Peace Public School has an adequate students support system in the form of Ayas and Maids. Who assist the students in routine activities, making them feel safe all the time.

Co-curriculum like poem recitation, painting, pool parties, excursions are regular feature at Peace Public School.

Junior and Senior Wings

Peace Public School has two academic blocks namely the junior wing and the senior wing. This has been done taking care of the children of different age groups and their need and change.

Junior Wing: Accommodates the Kinder garden sections and classes I-VI. Junior wing is equipped with general science Lab, computer Lab, Dance and Music Studio and Art and Craft Studio.

Senior Wing: Accommodates classes VII to XII. The wing has separate computer lab, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Bio Lab, etc and other necessary requirements of students of senior wing. Both academic blocks have Educomp supported smart classrooms. RO/filtered water is provided in both blocks. Both the blocks are connected to Administrative block of the school for any administrative support.